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Recovering from a breach can be expensive and time consuming. Determining the cause and extent of the breach, complying with notice laws, correcting damage, minimizing losses, and addressing potential lawsuits can drain a business.


Insuring Agreements

  • Network and information security liability:
    • Addresses liability resulting from unauthorized access to the named insured’s system and the unintentional compromise of private data
    • Covers defense and damages including regulatory judgements or settlements
    • Broad network security trigger addresses hacking, rogue employees, and access by fraud or deception
    • Addresses PII, PHI, corporate information, and the named insured’s privacy policy
  • Media injury liability
    • Full media coverage for content of printed or digital material
    • Responds to libel, slander, and other forms of disparagement as well as copyright and trademark infringement
  • Network security loss
    • Costs of forensics and system restoration
    • Theft of money and securities through unauthorized access
    • Extra expense and loss of business income while recovering from the breach
    • Payment of extortion demands
  • Breach mitigation expense
    • Covers expenses related to notification, credit monitoring, call centers, identity restoration, public relations, etc.
    • Supports both voluntary and legally mandated action
    • Extends to private data entrusted to a third party and to the named insured’s contractual obligations to business partners
    • Services of a breach coach also included, without triggering deductible
  • PCI assessments
    • Covers amounts assessed related to fraudulent charges and replacement credit/debit cards
    • Fines and penalties for actual or alleged violation of PCI data security standard
  • Social engineering loss
    • Covers loss of money and tangible property resulting from a social engineering incident
    • Addresses theft or misdirection of funds held in escrow or trust
    • Coverage also extends to personal funds of named insured’s executives


Additional policyholder value

  • Supplementary payments for reward reimbursement and fraudulent use of telephone system


Limit available: up to $10M

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