Negley Associates is endorsed by two primary Associations for behavioral healthcare:
The National Council and Mental Health Corporations of America (MHCA).



The National Council is the unifying voice of America’s behavioral healthcare organizations.  The National Council advocates for policies that ensure that people who are ill can access comprehensive healthcare services. They offer state-of-the-science education and practice improvement resources so that services are efficient and effective.



MHCA’s purpose and work is a belief that community behavioral healthcare providers must rise to the challenges presented by a transforming healthcare delivery system. Members recognize that major shifts are occurring in demographics, technology, politics, the economy and organizational frameworks. There is an increasing demand to contain cost, delivermhca more efficient and measurable services and engage employees whose skills and personal/professional investment reflect the organization's commitment to excellence.

Negley supports these associations by sponsoring events and utilizing our industry experts to provide webinars, loss control seminars and other related programming to the membership. We continually strive for ways to be involved so that we are able to evolve our products to provide coverage for changing trends. 

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